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In Port - Operating

    In Port - Operating
    UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineLoa (m)QuayVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
    0V0161ATLANTIC GENEVA (CMA)-SGD5SF99330848CMA148NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.19/01/2019 22:50:0001-01-0001 00:00
    0V0108APL RAFFLES9V53889631979APL398NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.21/01/2019 11:50:0022-01-2019 18:13
    0V0171ARKANSAS (SGL) - SGLVRNJ89164251SGL155NQT2Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.21/01/2019 16:40:0022-01-2019 18:34
    0V0261JSP SKIRNER (CMA)V2CB99347798CMA139NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.21/01/2019 16:45:0022-01-2019 23:42
    0V0243HANSA MARBURG (CMA) - SGLXHM9334818CMA175SQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.21/01/2019 19:10:0023-01-2019 11:59
    0V0089JRS CAPELLA (EXP)5BER49329564EXP130SQT2Sullivan Shipping21/01/2019 22:05:0022-01-2019 17:09
    0V0058SANTA REGULA (HLC)A8RL49293179HLC294NQT1Bianchi Group of Co. Ltd22/01/2019 03:50:0023-01-2019 16:29
    0V0110HANSA CLOPPENBURG (CMA) - SGA8NG39357860CMA176SQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.22/01/2019 05:15:0023-01-2019 02:40
    0V0116X-PRESS SHANNON (EXP)9HA42919315032EXP134NQT2Sullivan Shipping22/01/2019 13:55:0023-01-2019 02:41