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In Port - Operating

    In Port - Operating
    UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineLoa (m)QuayVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
    0Z1881NORMA (CMA CGM)FMHQ9299812CMA349NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.29/11/2021 06:25:0002-12-2021 03:11
    0Z1879C CUB (CMA)-CSGD5RA89683477CMA159NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.01/12/2021 05:35:0002-12-2021 07:30
    0Z1874GSL SUSAN (CMA) - NSGD5UD99349617CMA264NQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.01/12/2021 10:45:0002-12-2021 13:50
    0Z2016TANGER (CMA) - CSGCNA53389259836CMA148SQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.01/12/2021 14:25:0002-12-2021 09:36
    0Z2005NINA F MSC - PSGCQII59308584MSC139SQT2John Ripard and Sons Ltd01/12/2021 19:10:0002-12-2021 02:05
    0Z1927YM ENLIGHTMENTD5HJ29496604ONE259NQT1O F Gollcher and Sons Ltd02/12/2021 00:20:0002-12-2021 09:40