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In Port - Operating

    In Port - Operating
    UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
    0S1680HANSA CLOPPENBURG (CMA) - SGA8NG39357860CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.19/09/2017 23:05:0001-01-0001 00:00
    0S1693APL RAFFLES9V53889631979APLCma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.20/09/2017 06:35:0001-01-0001 00:00
    0S1706BLANDINE (COS)CQDR9437048COSMedSea Shipping20/09/2017 08:28:0021-09-2017 14:09
    0S1702APL OREGON (CMA)9V21089532783CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.20/09/2017 18:30:0021-09-2017 11:20
    0S1710MEANDI(UFS)CQBM9328039UFSFocal Maritime Services20/09/2017 19:30:0021-09-2017 13:58
    0S1700RABELAIS (CMA CGM)9HA23609406635CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.20/09/2017 23:20:0022-09-2017 03:34