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In Port - Operating

    In Port - Operating
    UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineLoa (m)QuayVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
    0T0629X-PRESS SHANNON (EXP)9HA42919315032EXP134NQT1Sullivan Shipping26/04/2018 08:25:0027-04-2018 06:12
    0T0637C TOP (SGL)D5NS69395616SGL148SQT2Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.26/04/2018 08:45:0027-04-2018 08:26
    0T0790VIRGINIA (CMA)2BCY39351139CMA294NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.26/04/2018 11:00:0027-04-2018 08:43
    0T0835BF NILOUV2FT29193513CMA130NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.26/04/2018 15:50:0027-04-2018 14:24
    0T0817M STRENGTH (SGL)9HA40879351103SGL127NQT1Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.26/04/2018 22:50:0027-04-2018 07:55
    0T0645ALEXANDER (MSK) - SGLOZRC29164237SGL155SQT2Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.26/04/2018 23:00:0027-04-2018 21:23
    0T0739BF ESPERANZA (SGL)- SG V2BR89252785SGL135SQT2Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.26/04/2018 23:40:0028-04-2018 02:09