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Community Area

Welcome to the Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd Portal's Community Area. Hoping you find this information useful, we urge you to forward any suggestions to us here, keeping in mind the 'public' nature of these pages.

In Port - Operating
UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
S0466ISTANBUL D5LL29606326MSCJohn Ripard and Sons Ltd30-03-2017 00:3031-03-2017 02:31
S0405ALEXANDER OZRC29164237SGLThomas C Smith Co.Ltd.30-03-2017 06:1031-03-2017 10:05
S0509SAGITTA V7UO59401166CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.30-03-2017 09:0030-03-2017 22:18
S0469ARKANSAS VRNJ89164251SGLThomas C Smith Co.Ltd.30-03-2017 11:2531-03-2017 13:50
S0487REPULSE BAYV2BG29238698CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.30-03-2017 15:5531-03-2017 07:14
S0523FAS DAMMAM V2GJ99160920CMACma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.30-03-2017 16:1031-03-2017 20:02