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In Port - Operating

    In Port - Operating
    UVIVessel NameCall SignImoLineLoa (m)QuayVessel AgentATAEstimated Compl.
    0Z0127RABELAIS (CMA CGM)9HA23609406635CMA300NQT1Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.27/01/2021 07:30:0028-01-2021 05:36
    0Z0109CARTAGENA TRADER (CMA)NSG9HA37889436422CMA231SQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.27/01/2021 08:50:0028-01-2021 03:26
    0Z0089MOSCOW MAERSKOWCM29778818MSK399NQT2Thomas C Smith Co.Ltd.27/01/2021 21:15:0029-01-2021 12:41
    0Z0199MSC AMANDA F (MSC) - PSGCQII29319600MSC139NQT1John Ripard and Sons Ltd27/01/2021 22:55:0028-01-2021 08:22
    0Z0137OUED ZIZ (CMA) NSGCNA35989143855CMA114SQT2Cma-Cgm Malta Agency Ltd.28/01/2021 00:15:0028-01-2021 11:49